Roger Christian

rogerCAcademy ward winner ROGER CHRISTIAN (Director) has been at the heart of groundbreaking contemporary cinema both as an Art Director, Set Decorator and Director. He was one of the original eight people working with George Lucas in designing Star Wars and enabling the movie to be made in the UK and to its epic conclusion.

He worked closely with Ridley Scott as his Art Director to help make the film ‘Alien’, the visionary success and acclaimed cinema it is still recognized for. Subsequent work on Star Wars includes Directing Second Unit on Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace.

His feature directing work includes an Academy Award for The Dollar Bottom, the  cult classic feature film., The Sender and the worldwide acclaimed movie, Nostradamus.

Continuing in this vein and now in production is the epic feature film “Remember the Future” the biography of acclaimed author of Chariot of the Gods, Erich Von Danekin and Grand Hotel Babylon, by famed British author Arnold Bennett.

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